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RIB- A chain of Israeli bookstores, Steimatzky, announced his decision to …

distribute, in occupied Palestine, the French weekly “Charlie Hebdo English PDF download” which insulted the revered Prophet of Islam (the salvation of God be upon him and his descendants).

The Yafa online Zionist website has expressed concern as to the distribution of the French weekly “Charlie Hebdo”, which could lead to clashes in the villages and towns in the territories occupied in 1948, in Palestine, -t was learned the information center of Palestine.

The center of the rights of the Palestinian rights, “Al-Mizan” asked in a letter to the directors of the Israeli bookstore chain, Steimatzky, to abandon their decision to distribute the French weekly “Charlie Hebdo” otherwise the religious feelings of Muslims will be injured.

After the attack against the French weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris, leaving dead and wounded, the weekly broadcast in its January 14 issue, a blasphemous caricature of the revered Prophet of Islam (as the salvation of God be upon him and his descendants).

This act angered Muslims worldwide.



The recent “affair Philippe Val and others” whose Sine was the target (( “When Philippe Val, Charlie Hebdo and BHL abuse freedom of expression … Acrimed supports Sine.” )), is the consequence or conclusion, sixteen years of involution, a weekly  Charlie Hebdo  ((On this story, read also the platform of Stéphane Mazurier published on the published on the site Télérama on 24 July 2008, under the title ” The Lost Honor Charlie Hebdo )). Hold-up on a title by Philippe Val diversion of its editorial line with the help of the youngest: Back on the normalization of  Charlie Hebdo .

Summer 1992.  Charlie Hebdo newspaper ‘mythical’ 70s, died in December 1981 and buried Jan. 2, 1982, at Michel Polac on TF1, rising from the ashes. At the core of the team of elders (Cavanna, Cabu, Gébé, Willem, Wolinski, Delfeil Ton and Sine) add new (Charb, Luz, Riss, Honore, Bernar, Tignous Plantu Olivier Cyran Uncle Bernard, etc.), artists from music hall (Renaud and Patrick Font) and the singer and former chief editor of  The Big Bertha  : Philippe Val. The program looks enticing. Absently brand, however: Georges Bernier  alias Professor Choron. A sign.

Summer 2008. The newspaper ‘mythical’ 70s is only a pale copy of what he was sixteen years earlier.Emblematic of the weekly The Gébé designer died and Bernar and Pasquini. Talented journalists took the door Olivier Cyran goodbye, goodbye Camé François and Anne Kerloc’h, Michel Boujut goodbye, goodbye … Mona Chollet A drawing Lefred Thouron Patrick Font (on trial for pedophilia) passes no: Lefred leaves the ship (the drawing will be published after his departure, with a word of Philippe Val). Renaud, a major shareholder, also abandons the weekly. Patrick Font, sentenced to prison, quickly disappears photos of his former sidekick, Philippe Val. Wolinski draws for  Paris MatchLe Journal du Dimanche  and commercials St Yorre, Cabu gives his best cartoons in opposite competitor,  the Chained Duck  and Youth (Jul, Charb, Tignous, etc.) are queuing to scribble for television, in the low-end emissions.

Fattened by the euro and worldly meal notabilisée by evenings at Ardisson and cocktails with BHL, glorified with the trial of the cartoons and the red carpet in Cannes, the team of  Charlie Hebdo  decides to virtually unanimously to Sine back for about allegedly anti-Semitic ((Only Tignous and Willem signed the petition of support to Sine. Michel Polac Cavanna and also seem to have been reluctant excluding Sine, but are subject without putting their resignation in the balance. )).

We no longer laugh at  Charlie Hebdo . With his impertinence, the remaining team also erased from her memory her laughter old and ours at the same time … So this brief appeared in his number 1, 1 July 1992:  “The first steps of the left in power in Israel to alleviate the shortage of squid, the government launched a major foreskins recovery campaign. “  A brief, which the deputy editor, Charb, with whom we spoke by phone,  “not happen today”  ((The interview with Charb took place on August 22, 2008.)).

Why, and how, a satirical weekly, combining humor acid and social critic, he suffered such drift?

I. The worm was already in the fruit

The standardization process had already begun in  the Big Bertha , even before the rebirth of the title  Charlie Hebdo .

The below  Grosse

Satirical weekly  “messy”The Big Bertha  was born at the beginning of the Gulf War in January 1991. A few months after launch, Philippe Val, straight from the scene, borrows the editor of dress. And quarrels do not expect: “We were left with  “A burst of laughter per page”  allowed to get lectured to the precept of the name: “You have to indignation.”  “  ((“The following rogues Grosse” , The Big Bertha, August 29, 1992, found on (but the link is no longer accessible – August 2010) and reproduced on the site ‘s blog Philippe V., columnist martyr “ )) Some writers are placed on key. And authoritarianism Val irritated (already) more than one.  “One day, Godfrey  [Jean-Cyril Godefroy was the publishing director]  was surprised to hear from the mouth of the editor:  “I will warn the next conflict between us, I turn to you. ”  An editorial ‘head turning the newspaper owner  ((According to Philippe Val, the title was found by Gébé but was deposed by Godefroy.)) , ie, would have been a great date in the history of the press. So Godfrey asked Philippe Val toe the line for the newspaper finds his déconnante ambience, cheerful anarchy, excitement closures world where everything you had something to say on the cover. “  Val is adamant: “Refusal outraged. To our dismay, we saw so sweet Cabu bloc with Val, this unrecognized genius, accusing Godfrey and others lead the newspaper  “to the right” . A charge which readers can check afterwards stupidity … stunned, not understanding much about the conflict they were mostly away, many friends saw the writing Cabu slam the door and call the masses to follow with an evil grin we did not know him. A few days later, the surprise out of the vault opinion saw the deceased  Charlie Hebdo , a title also dive shamelessly to its owner, Professor Choron. ” 1

The rest we know. Philippe Val, Cabu and elders, and with the backing of some young talents, launching  Charlie Hebdo second time.  “To which newspaper? “  Val asks.  “Well we did a representative survey of a thousand idiots, asking for their opinion, and we did not.  ((Charlie Hebdo, 1 July 1992))  “  The opposite, really?

Fifteen years later, Charb does not seem to be convinced. In front of his friends, when Groland festival in September 2007, it shows his disagreement:  “The thing that is hard for people to  Charlie is that Val is so atypical Charlie Hebdo … he is the director and c ‘ is he who looks least the newspaper almost (…)  ((Thanks to the party who told us the omission of the adverb legible on video) qualifies the meaning of the sentence (Acrimed 17 August 2009).))  If I was a newspaper editor and if I had the means to make a newspaper, there would have Val in the newspaper. In any case, what he expresses in the newspaper, it does not exist  . “  ((“Charlie Hebdo english PDF download” mounting Pierre Carles, available online on the Site Plan B , 2008))


Excerpt from ”  Charlie Hebdo  is Hara-Kiri “mounting Pierre Carles, to see on the sitePlan B .

It shows his disagreement … But it remains rue Turbigo. Contact by Acrimed he explains:  “To say that  Charlie Hebdo  is the perfect diary in which I dream to work is obviously wrong (…). But I have less freedom in newspapers that are politically closest to me in a newspaper run by Val. “  We are reassured.

Behind the scenes of  Charlie

Just published in 1992, the newspaper was handed a trial. Delfeil Ton, now a columnist for the  Nouvel Observateur , team member of the first  Charlie Hebdo , present at the creation of the second, reported memories we can not verify but which demonstrate the opacity of the background :  “Bernier (aka Georges Bernier) protests, but in fact, he did not own, the title was never filed. Trial. We witness all, on the advice of the lawyer Richard Malka, Cavanna that invented the title. In reality, very clever one who could say who invented it. Everyone immediately thought of making a “Charlie- Hebdo”, in 70, when “the Weekly hara-kiri” was banned  ((Actually the newspaper was banned from display.)) , since in addition the monthly “Hara-Kiri” had another monthly named “Charlie”, which I had also founded. “  ( Le Nouvel Observateur , August 14, 2008)  “The trick of Malka  continues Delfeil Ton,  was that, as there was no established commercial property, it was necessary to play copyright. So all together, letters to the court as one man and all fabulateurs:  “It’s Cavanna who invented the title. ”  That Cavanna proclaimed author title by the court. Consequently, it is also found the owner of the heritage value of ”  Charlie Hebdo “brand”  Charlie Hebdo  “as economists say. »

And design of  Charlie Hebdo  requires capital. At the beginning of 2000 francs,  “it is now 240 euros,  says  Le Monde  ((“July 30, 2008.”)),  each symbolically Of the 1 500 shares worth 16 cents. “  Shareholders are starting Gébé, Val, Cabu Bernard Maris and Renaud. The starting Renaud and death Gébé reorganized the division: 600 shares for Val, Cabu 600, 200 and 100 for Eric Maris Portheault, the accountant. The situation is such that in 2006, ”  the Rotary Editions, publishers of Charlie Hebdo , recorded a profit of 968,501 euros. (…)  [and]  85% of this amount was distributed in dividends. “  ((“Ibid.”)) Thus, Val and Cabu each received 330,000 euros in 2006. A trifle.

How did it happen? Delfeil Ton revisits his memories ((“Le Nouvel Observateur cited article.”)):  “One day, Cavanna, Val and I, we are left with Malka. Cavanna and for me it was our lawyer at all. In fact, it was the lawyer for Cabu and Val. We ask him to prepare the statutes in the manner of what we thought to be those of  chained duck   : seven (including Cabu) alive founders of  Hara-Kiri Weekly  (our first title) and then  Charlie Hebdo , over Val would Temporary equal owners. Each unit would amount to an employee of the newspaper chosen by the survivors after each death.  (…)  The weeks succeed the weeks and nothing comes. I burst into Malka. I ask him where he is these statutes for a company. It takes me a charter draft. I realized that we did not care. ” 2 The worm was already in the fruit.And hegemony of the head is not weakened …  “As already, authoritarianism Val was unbearable, his arrogance, his claim, what was added boredom that reigned in the newsroom, j ‘I buggered off without sentence, after five months of collaboration, contenting myself looping Sunday not to send my article. On Tuesday I received by mail without an accompanying word,  “for balance of all accounts.”  That was in March 1993. “

Charlie Hebdo , offbeat weekly, stupid and evil? No. Charlie Hebdo , satire parody and real capitalist enterprise.

II. And the fruit rotted Cart

Adaptations to the times and internal standardization have effect:  Charlie  becomes refocused weekly, consensual, decent, ethical and respectable.

  • Refocused . In the  Charlie Hebdo  of 21 May 1997, before the parliamentary elections, an internal survey revealed the newspaper:  “A” Charlie “9 vote Green, 7 PC, 4 refrain, LO 1, 1 … 2 LCR and PS” , and a character designed by Charb was already worried:  “2 PS? Shit … I did not think the right had infiltrated “Charlie . ” “  ((quoted by Plan B, June 2007.)) An ironic concern largely confirmed since, since a brief April 18, 2007 reported that  “about 38 employees of Charlie Hebdo  :  18 Royal vote , vote Voynet 9, 3 vote Buffet 3 vote Besancenot, 3 vote Bayrou , 1 vote Bové, 1 white vote. “  Let 21 employees who vote “right”  and 16 left.  Charlie Hebdo , right? Yes, if one believes Philippe Val itself, since the latter in June 1998 wrote that  “the true right now is the PS. ”  Nine years later, on 9 February 2007, at Pascale Clark loose on Canal + (“as an aside”):  “I will vote for the best-placed candidate left. “  The best position?Understanding Ségolène Royal.
  • Consensual . On major international issues, Charlie Weekly  reproduces gradually dominant positions.And on Kosovo. While in the 70s, Cabu rebelled “against all wars”  and collected lawsuits by the army in 1999, he argues, with the team of  Charlie Hebdo , except Sine and Charb, the military intervention of NATO in Kosovo. In No. 361 of Charlie Hebdo  (19 May 1999), instead of chronicling Charb, text Riss (which usually does not write) even criticizes the peace of being collaborators! Also on the European Constitutional Treaty: If other voice than that of Philippe Val are heard, it was he who led a vehement caricature campaign against supporters of the “no” in the referendum.
  • Suitable . Log standardization is therefore accompanied by a shift in editorial line. This takes priority targets for Islamism and the protest movement of liberal globalization, generously amalgamated. This drift has been strengthened with the arrival in power of Fiammetta Venner and Caroline Fourest, both fighting against  “Islamo-leftism” . Positions that appeal. Add to this, the trial of Mohammed cartoons, and any support that without risks, popular causes – Ingrid Betancourt, Florence Aubenas, Ayaan Hirsi Ali … and you will soon see reapply worldly, Bernard-Henri Levy in mind. BHL love books Carolina and Philip, and it’s mutual. Long gone are the days when the philosopher of beautiful areas,  the “Aime Jacquet of thought” , as Val was crunched weekly by Luz and mocked by Val. “Say the name of our brains – BHL, PPDA, Finkielkraut, Luc Ferry, Johnny Hallyday, Comte Sponville, Alain Minc … – in a university lecture hall,  wrote at the head of Charlie Hebdo ,  today causes every time a liberating laughter. (…) The BHL film with Alain Delon, promoted by all the media, was a flop. Bourdieu’s book on male domination, promoted by person, is a triumph.If that does not make you happy to the point of laugh is that you have really bad character. “  (“The BHL bristle”  Charlie Hebdo , 23 September 1998)  Charlie Hebdo  became convenable.Libres journalists Charlie Hebdo  and readers to approve without retching heart this new “political offer” and this entry the little door in the courtyard of the “big”. But it is clear that this is a misuse of inheritance that has not been without conséquences.Ce political shift from left to right, peace to war, subversion towards orthodoxy, happened gradually but surely. It is thus seen to disappear in the near-universal silence, talented signatures (Cyran Camé, Boujut …) in favor of conventional feathers and / or media-more “gleaming” the designer Joan Sfar, the former head of France Inter Jean-Luc Hees, media sociologist Philippe Corcuff (himself driven to resign ((But who makes it clear: “My departure does not change my solidarity with writing in general and with Philippe Val particularly given the repeated insults and erroneous information [which?] broadcast by PLPL “and which, according to this type of commitment, courageously defend Sine abstained, preferring to work” the shady bowers side of our political melancholy “. Read his blog ” Perils anti-racism in France from the Middle East to “Sinee affair” “(for the impatient and the less brave, go directly to postscript))), Renaud Dély from. Libération , Philippe sandeel same, Anne Jouan of  Figaro , etc.
  • Respectable . This standardization contributes to notabilisation log Philippe Val justified as a major choice in 2005:  “I’m lucky, says the boss of Charlie Hebdo, because I somehow” inherited “a legendary title I operate.  […] His image is quite complex and not always carrier. Its existence is legitimate, but its not always content. This is the paradox. […] “  (Interview with the magazine  TOC in February 2005). Among the options to resolve this paradox, this ”  legitimate title to the people that make up the information environment and with whom I have cordial relations . “[This emphasis added] To maintain”  cordial relations  “with the”  people  “that can justify the title, not only must blunt or silence criticism but outbid in denouncing media criticism. What Philippe Val is working in the same interview, as can be read here under the title  “Philippe Val, critical, strategist and … psychiatrist” and throughout his work ((Read about Acrimed: Philippe Val “the radical critique of big capital allied media”Philippe Val recycles its purifier editorial on France InterPhilippe Val, chronic purifierRight of reply to Philippe Val, psychiatrist, historian and media ownerPhilippe Val is responsible for the Purification of the French Media Observatory )) .Telle is the harsh law of  “information environment”  : careerists have to pay a high price for their arrival.
  • Ethical . High price … Indeed the joint evolution of political positions and media positioning was not without effect on journalistic practices weekly, and, primarily, Philippe Val itself: slander and lies (including Noam Chomsky on) rumors (eg the European Social Forum), defamation of members of the French Observatory of media, refusal of the right of reply, as we have repeatedly raised right here ((Sample: “Philippe Val , propagator of slander and Doctor deontologies “ monitoring “Philippe Val on France Inter: a recital of lies and slander against Chomsky”“She runs, she runs the rumor” , followed by Charlie Hebdo chasing rumors that he spreads “ )) …
  • Pacified.  Such journalistic practices, standardization of the newspaper and Val positions, could have, should have, instigate reaction and rebellion  Charlie Hebdo , and the exclusion of Sine might have allowed those who were thinking to themselves , out loud the row. It does happen. Even the deputy editor of the newspaper and (former) friend of Sine, Charb, remained silent. Because he is the one that seemed the most indomitable of all personal choices between compromise and compromise, therefore an example …

Charb held on 16 July 2008 that had brought Sine – it’s a shame – ”  achievement  “to the”  core values  ​​”of Charlie Hebdo . And yet it is the same Charb who in his column “Charb do not like people,” dated July 30, 2008 wrote:  “No one said Sine was anti-Semitic (…) because it was never the subject of debate. Could it have worked for sixteen years with an anti-Semite? I do not. “  If this has never been the subject of debate, so why Philippe Val, in its editorial of the same day the question and a clear case of 26 years old?  “Anti-Semite, Sine? It is not for me to judge. But in the aftermath of the bombing of the Rue des Rosiers, in 1982, declared himself on Radio Carbon 14:  “I am anti-Semitic and I’m not afraid to admit it. I will now make swastikas on the walls … I want every Jew live in fear, unless it is pro Palestinian. They die. “((In this case, Sine, who apologized as simply as possible, is explainedon the Rue89 site .))  “  Sine The alleged anti-Semitism, has been the subject of debate to  Charlie Hebdo  and the pretext of his exclusion.

In the same column, Charb wrote:  “Val would have stopped publishing the chronicles of Sine because he was critical of Israeli policy in the occupied territories (…) I would be party newspaper. “ However, ten years ago, Sine wrote a column on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which had fallen to the wayside (No. 319, July 29, 1998). The libeller then issued an amended version – shorter and watered down – in its area of 5 August 1998 (No. 320). Charb had not resigned so far. Necessary compromise? ((Its positioning (strategic?) In the return Sine, is it not then had the project editions that drives Charlie team? The publishing company “The Escaped” counts as major shareholders Riss, Luz, Catherine and Charb, and to a lesser extent Val and Cabu, would it have been possible if Charb went to coal and had supported his “buddy” Sine? “This has nothing to do, répond- there, the publishing house is a marginal thing over my role in Charlie Hebdo. “))

Similarly, when reminded Charb its positions in the media, he explains:  “I am not a media expert (…). As for the work of Pierre Carles, the poster I made ​​for his film  [“Finally Caught? “] , etc. I do not deny anything, and then following what each other out or produce … it happens to like their job again. I have not changed my position on it. I do not feel that it is I who have changed position. Of course we do wonder more poster Pierre Carles, but then why not? “ ((Maybe he will that of the film “Charlie Hebdo is Hara Kiri” quoted above, he is the hero (involuntary)?)) But when Val takes violently Serge Halimi party in 2004 while he had sustained seven years earlier ((See whenPhilippe Val is responsible for the cleaning of the French Observatory of Media and Serge Halimi right of reply:Right of reply to Philippe Val, psychiatrist, historian and media owner .)) Charb look elsewhere.

Before, Charb did not like people, but now, he agreed, with very relative pacification of  Charlie Hebdo , up the steps of the Cannes festival in the company of BHL and Joffrin, hold forth at Ardisson or draw for Marc-Olivier Fogiel … and ultimately return Sine.


The exclusion of Sine could spell the end of  Charlie Hebdo .

Sine has always sided with the  “wretched of the earth” , the “rebellious”  and  “dominated” and always against  “all priests”  and  “assholes”  worldwide. Pretext of a sentence for the transfer of  Charlie Hebdo  is heavy with meaning. Let us read one (one last time):  ”   [Jean Sarkozy] has just said to want to convert to Judaism before marrying his fiancée, Jewish, and heiress of the founders of Darty. It will make the way in life, this small! “  Would it have caused so much hatred and so much passion if Sine wrote:  ”   [Jean Sarkozy]  has just said to want to convert to  Islam before marrying his fiancée, Muslim , and heiress of Saudi oil wells Arabia. It will make the way in life, this small! ”   ? Would we have seen the BHL, Adler, Bruckner, Badinter, Wiesel, Delanoë, Voynet and others take their pen and sign in  Le Monde  text against Sine [ 1 August 2008. .]]? No and no. There was no question of religion, but simply opportunism. The do-gooders have understood nothing.

In 1981, Sine wrote in  Charlie Hebdo , a phrase that sums up his bias:  “I love the dough but not rich, I love peace but I’m ready to kill, (…) I love Jews not Israel, Arab emirs not the proles not the PC. ”  In almost 80 years, who had founded  Sine Massacre  during the war in Algeria (the model inspired  Hara-Kiri Hebdo , seven years later) and created  The Enraged  May 68, prepares to release a new log. His name?  Sine Hebdo , of course.

And  Charlie Hebdo  ? Of  Charlie Hebdo , leaving only the title …

Postscript (12 January 2015).

Weekly Charlie  continued, but it was not the  Charlie Hebdo  of origins. This article, written in 2008 following the dismissal of Sine of  Charlie Hebdo , a reconstructed history of the satirical weekly since its reappearance in 1992. Since 2001, and especially 2005,  Charlie Hebdo , under the direction of Philippe Val, had experienced an involution conformist (and sometimes worse) that it should be emphasized. This is what we did, highlighting, in several articles, unworthy journalistic practices. After the departure of Philippe Val in the direction of France Inter, we stopped reading … and criticize, as would have demanded freedom of expression which we had shown towards her. After the killings, despite the slaughter,  Charlie Hebdo  continues, the better! We will be in respect of the same independence as he claims.

Source: Mathias Reymond for Acrimed , 08/09/2008



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